WAR stands  for “Work And Repeat”. It was created in 2018 by a young US Army soldier, Brandon Paiz (CEO), in his attic. In 2020 Brandon brought in graphic designer/ web developer Chester Torres, an old friend who he had worked with on past projects, as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) to facilitate WAR’s innovative mission. The foundation of the brand is the “Work and Repeat” mentality, we believe in unlocking everyone’s full potential through effective and innovative fitness products for the on-the-go athlete. In doing so, creating a community of the hardest workers in the room. Everyday you get up to the grind, to the traffic, to the ever-changing world, and the obstacles that it throws at you. Some days are easier than others, but some days are harder as life is a constant battle. Yet, “giving up“ isn’t part of your molecular structure and you get up and REPEAT. 

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Brandon Paiz \\ Co-Founder

Chester Torres \\ Co-Founder

Our Core Values: